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“Birth place of Hamish the Coo”

Hamish the coo...

Hamish the coo...

If ever you decide to visit the wonderlands of Scotland - Edinburgh to be exact - you must, must take a trip to the Scottish Highlands. Along your travels you might want to say hello to Hamish, Hazel and Honey, in the town of Kilmahog, loosely translated “Kill my pig” (yes, grisly to some, and hilarious to others).

However, rest assured Hamish and family are quite safe in their own little fortress, to stave off the humans who instinctively wish to touch them and take selfies with them…

Hamish, Hazel and Honey, don’t mind this providing you dig deep into your pockets… fish out £1 and buy them a bag of vegetables and they’ll eat your hand off… LOL

Beyond Hamish the hairy coo, you can see the beautiful wonders of the Scottish Highlands…take a wee drive to see its magnificent beauty.

If you don’t, then I strongly suggest hopping on an excursion with John from the Hairy Coo tour company. He is a hoot and will most certainly entertain you, with true tales about the Scots clans and their skulduggery.

Being the true Scotsman that he is, John will tell you that he only accepts Scottish money, as English currency is dirty money to him, whilst laughing at you.

Drive a little further with our John, and he’ll take to Tynedrum hills where the rivers still contain gold. So don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot find your pot of your gold, - you just have to mine it yourself.

He’ll even take you to where James Bond ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” were filmed for all you film fanatics to see.

If you’ve only got a weekend in Scotland, then take a day out with “The Hairy Coo Company” and I promise you, it’ll be the best laughing experience you’ll ever have.

Cost: £49-£52 for the day trip

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