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Scroll Free Month Campaign

Can it be applied to the over 45's too?

An over 45+ gaming whilst waiting for his bus.

An over 45+ gaming whilst waiting for his bus.

It is thought that being addicted to one’s phone is having an adverse effect on one’s mental health.

The NHS is backing a campaign that is being run for young people aged between 18-34 called “scroll free September “. This campaign is to raise awareness that constantly using your phone, be it for messaging, gaming, or social media is and can have an adverse effect on your mental health. Such as forging and keeping relationships with others. Causing disruption to your sleep pattern, not being able to communicate effectively and the list goes on.

My question is, does this just only affect the young or are the older generation equally affected?

For I’ve noticed on my journeys in and around town, everyone’s head is locked into their mobile phones (young or old) and they can’t seem to put them down; even to cross the road!

So should this be a national campaign for all? Or are the over 45+ generation able to say “I don’t need a campaign to put my phone down! My phone does not control my life and my relationships are secure without it”... If you can honestly say that, then you’re truly a better person than me...

An over 45+ gaming whilst waiting for his bus.

An over 45+ gaming whilst waiting for his bus.

However, for those who are honest with themselves and are slow to give up the baby blanket called your phone. Here are a few tip bits of how to reduce the invasive phone addiction;

+ Take a break from social media and gaming at all social events
+ Don't use social media/gaming after 6 pm
+ Don't check personal social media accounts at work
+ Ban yourself from social media and gaming in the bedroom

For more information go to the website and see if it applies to you... I know I’m going to give it a try but it becomes difficult if your work is social media based, so it may prove to be a tough one…

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