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Fashion – What are the Rules?

As we get into our stride of life, we proclaim to know our fashion style and think we have it in the bag. We become set in our ways; we become adamant about likes and dislikes; we listen to no one. Are you guilty of this? Well, trust me you’re not the only one. Although if you’re anything like me and wish to continue to stay in the loop of fashion, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded of a few key rules and how they can work for us.

The Leading Fashionistas...

The Leading Fashionistas...

This led me to attend a day's fashion clinic led by the founder of Sheerluxe – Georgie Coleridge Cole and her wonderful team.

Attending this event, I was able to gain fashion advice from several leading women in the business sharing their pearls of wisdom, including: Samantha Cameron (David Cameron’s wife) who has an established clothing label called Cefinn, Hannah Strafford-Taylor (model), Alex Longmore (London stylist to celebrities and models), Deborah Sheridan-Taylor (actress/personal stylist) and Ruby Hammer (leading make-up artist to celebrities and models) to name but a few.

Upon listening to these women, I was able to establish a key set of rules, for as we know in the fashion world, the ‘rules’ of what to wear and what not to wear are constantly changing.

These rules do not just apply to women but definitely men too!

The New Rules:

1. Wear what you want to wear that makes you feel comfortable and suits your personality – but not too shabby, unless it’s shabby chic.

2. Find your fashion idol and emulate their style but again adapt it to suit your personality and budget, as you may not be able to emulate theirs.

3. Always have a foundation (investment) piece, be a coat, blazer jacket, bag or pair of shoes that can be transformed with anything.

4. For special occasions – never just buy for the day! Buy something that can be rotated with a different pair of shoes, handbag, shirt or tie.

5. Experiment with your colours, textures, layering and sizes to find what suits you. Ladies and gents, don’t be afraid to go up or down a size, as those high street brands and designer cuts can vary dramatically. Men, don’t be afraid of pastel colours.

6. ‘They say don’t be mutton dressed as lamb’ or ‘dress age appropriate’ but then what does that actually mean, especially if you don’t look your age? Find the balance that is going to make you feel good about yourself.

7. Cover the parts of your body that you are not comfortable or confident with. Eg: Bat wings (sagging arms), chest area or those sinewy legs.

8. Before investing in those designer pieces, experiment with high street brands, to see what works for you, at a fraction of the cost.

9. Before buying anything new, always try on, and think of at least three or four items you have at home that can work with your proposed purchase.

10. Clothes, shoes or coats - if you haven't work them in three or four seasons, then boot them out of your wardrobe – unless they are foundation pieces - give them to a charity shop or sell them on the many pre-worm platforms that are now available. For example; Ebay, Facebook marketplace,, Tictail, Hardly ever worn it and Gumtree to name but a few.

These are just some of the titbits that I was given. Take what you will from them, maybe they are or aren’t new but like fashion itself, they can always be recycled!

What do you say? Let us know your views…

Keep a lookout for further fashion and beauty tips to follow…

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