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You’re Never Too Old to Perform!

Says the founder of ‘Funky Dance’ aged 46…

Tara the Founder of FD

Tara the Founder of FD

I had the pleasure of attending a friend’s dance show, only to discover the performers were similar in age to myself, excluding the teenagers and children, LOL.

The performers looked like great, exuberating confidence, energy and enthusiasm whilst performing the dance moves.

Tara, the founder of ‘Funky Dance’, describes her dance style as ‘commercial’ (likened to music videos) - she was very happy to tell me what keeps them coming back.

The dance show is created around the dance classes held in Southgate and Kentish Town, North London. Tara does not age discriminate, she teaches from the young to the more mature. The adults' age range from 30-50+ - those who have surplus income, more leisure time, have teenagers or are empty nesters. She’s proud of her oldest client who is 75 and looks forward to their weekly lesson. This proves you’re never too old to perform.

Tara admits the majority of her clientele are female and is happy to have more males join her. Most of her clientele joined via word of mouth. The newbies she says may feel daunted at first but by the end of the lesson, they’re genuinely hooked. That is because she encompasses a community spirit and a can do attitude. The clientele trusts her implicitly to not make them look silly or uncomfortable in the class or on stage. She provides feedback to the clientele, giving them that extra vote of confidence. In addition, the performers' friends and family state how amazing they are when watching the show.

When asked, why do they keep coming back, she says ‘it’s because she presents an atmosphere that is fun, uplifting, happy and energetic. In addition, they’re able to make new friends’.

So the top tips for people over the age of 40+ who wish to join the Funky Dancers on stage:

+ Go and try a class
+ Aim for the start of a term, as midterm, you might get a little lost
+ Film the class, so you can watch it back and retain the moves
+ Go a little earlier before the class starts to go through any glitches
+ Be prepared to have fun

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