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Manolo Blahnik: Luxury item or Bargain?

The shoe in question...

The shoe in question...

The first time I heard of Manolo Blahnik was from watching the Sex and the City TV series of old, starring Sarah Jessica Parker (playing the character of Carrie Bradshaw).
She stated, “every girl deserves a pair of Manolo Blahniks in their wardrobe”. (Apologies if I’ve misquoted but for those who used to watch the program will remember).

Well, imagine my surprise when I happened to stumble upon a small Manolo Blahnik retail shop in Burlington Arcade, London. I walked into the shop, thinking it would be way out of my price league but I’d have a look and dream... LOL. However, I noticed the “SALE”sign . I smiled, gleefully thinking I should be able to bag a bargain. But what I may consider a bargain, might be a third of their wages to others...

The assistant (bless him) came over and said the usual “Can I help you”. I obliged him and said that I’d like to try on the shoes that the Duchess of Sussex AKA Meghan Markle has - plain pointed nude suede four-inch heels. I tried them on, not feeling or looking great in them at all, as they didn’t fit like the proverbial glove as I’d thought they would. The look of disappointment on my face, was a picture.. NOT!

The look of disappointment on my face, was a picture.. NOT!

However, my other half showed me a shoe that looked quite astonishing. A style I would have immediately dismissed, because I was thinking I didn’t have a handbag to match. The OH said "just try them on see if they fit and you can worry about the bag later". I nodded and agreed with him. The assistant was only too happy to oblige and get my size.

My disappointed face soon turned into a grinning Cheshire Cat, like ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘. As the navy nubuck suede with ivory Python snake skin trim (not a fan of reptilian leather), fitted like an old comfy slipper. This was sheer heaven! For there are not that many four-inch heels or above that fit like a dream.

My motto usually for buying any high heeled shoe is; ‘If I cannot dance in them, then I don’t buy them’. These were no exception, I danced a jig in the shop, with customers and assistants trying hard not to laugh or look at me with disdain. The shoe test passed with flying colours, until I asked what the price was, the assistant said, ‘£750... but down to £275’.

Yes, I danced another jig, as those shoes were sold in a jiffy. For when was I ever going to buy a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s at cost price, in my size? These were a steal in price and I have the other half to thank for finding them.

The assistant added, ‘you’ve brought the best pair of shoes in the shop and they look superb on your feet’. I left the shop feeling I had won the lottery with a broad smile on my face.

Therefore the moral of the story is, despite a brand being categorised as a luxury item, don’t ever walk on by, for depending on your budget or that special occasion they can become a bargain price too.

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