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JPG’s - ‘Fashion Freak Show’… the famous Folies Bergère

The teddy bear..

The teddy bear..

"What should I do when I'm in Paris?" I hear you ask yourself. Go and see a show, is what I’d say. You may have the famous Moulin Rouge and Crazy Horse but forget those. Go and see the edgy, dynamic, risqué, creative French designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Fashion Freak Show’ at the Folies Bergère.

If you’re into fashion, music and dance like myself, (being a model/dancer/singer in my past life), then this is one not to be missed; even if you’re doing a flying visit.

Jean Paul Gaultier is well known for his outlandish couture creations, his fashion house and, of course, his range of perfumes with its distinctive bottle designs. He has dressed near enough everyone who exudes passion and creativity, from the formidable Madonna and her conical corsets to Lady Gaga and many more.

Fashion Freak Show is considered to be a lifelong ambition of Jean Paul, who has always wanted to put on a show in the famous cabaret hall.

Most inspired by his grandmother when growing up, Jean Paul wanted to create a spectacle that told a story about his life, how he viewed life and the love of his life, to be the man that he is today. Fashion Freak show, takes a look at how fashion, artists, actors, models and music were major factors and influences within his work.

The show is a triple X-rated! Raunchy as hell, daring, sexy, and provocative, it’s not for the small minded or the faint hearted. Jean Paul, definitely shows his sense of humour and comedic personality within the show. For me, he also captures, class, style, elegance and uniqueness. For, as the man himself says, ‘I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don’t expect it’.

All in the name of fun...

All in the name of fun...

You will be awed by the fashion he created, as worn by the people he designed them for, in addition to the new couture created just for the show, which encompasses a full-on runway show. So make sure you book good seats to view this in all its glory.

Trust me, you will want to get out of your seat to dance and sing to the music, created by one of the most influential musicians/music producers of our time, Nile Rodgers (I’ve been fortunate enough to see him in concert. If ever you get a chance to see him live – go!). The man is a legend and was apparently super excited to work with Jean Paul, who has also designed some of his signature stage outfits.

The cast of the show were phenomenal, giving exquisite performances and making the show come to life .

I actually wish I was a few years younger as I would love to have auditioned for his show, just for the experience. Anyway, I most certainly will try my very best to return back to Paris to get another fix of this most incredible and delectable show, before it ends on 21st April 2019. For it’s definitely worth every penny, and if you’re lucky you may get to see him take his bow on stage. That was my highlight!

Jean Paul and your wonderful team, PLEASE consider bringing the show to London in the very near future - I’d be first in line.

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