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Mr Zogs Sex Wax…

I hear you laugh..

Is a wax you use on a surfboard for grip, so you don’t fall off. This article has got nothing to do with surfing or Mr Zogs Sex Wax, but I have your attention now haven’t I!

Traditionally, while hygiene has always been important, as an older guy with a modest amount of body hair, the idea of ‘manscaping’ (removing intimate body hair by waxing or shaving) has been somewhat limited. I get it if you want to wax a hairy back, as nothing looks worse on a beach in summer, but otherwise aside from perhaps attending to your legs to get a tan in summer or because you play sport, there really isn’t any point. Or so I thought.

as an older guy with a modest amount of body hair, the idea of ‘manscaping’ has been daunting

Last summer my partner and I were going on an extended holiday and I had planned to have my legs waxed.
In conversation she asked: ‘Have you ever considered having it all off?’ To be fair, the thought had never occurred to me, particularly as I do not have the body of my youth! However, I could see the advantage as I have done with my legs. If one has a massage as an example, trying to have your legs massaged when you have hairy legs isn’t the most pleasant experience either for yourself or the person giving the massage. And it’s messy.

It was suggested that there were other reasons, a major one being cleanliness and the hardest argument of all to counter: ‘I have it done, it would be nice for you could do it for me’. That’s really hard to say no to, though it did require time to come around to the idea.

Finally, I decided to give it a try. After all, I thought, it’s like a haircut; if I don’t like it, it will grow back. And to be fair, making the effort to do something for the love of your life is a small thing.
Making the decision was the easy part. As a man, finding a Wax Bar that will actually wax more than your legs or back isn’t that simple. While you can find them online, they tend to be fewer and, if you’re a man, the waxing will cost more. The cost thing I can’t work out. Legs are legs so I don’t understand why men can pay a 50 per cent premium over women’s treatments.

If you are going to consider intimate waxing, you then have to work out the lingo, be it Shaping (a tidy up), Brazilian (nearly all off except for a strip of hair at the front) or Hollywood (ALL off). Then you realise you are going to have to put aside your dignity. A stranger is going to see and inspect you in a way that you have probably not experienced since you were a new born.

That first time was trepidatious. I finally decided on the Hollywood, full legs and lower back. Having wax applied to your body and then ripped off is not without pain but it is momentary. Obviously, some areas of the body are more sensitive that others, but it is tolerable. It does get easier should you introduce and maintain waxing as part of your grooming regime.

Finding a good ‘Waxologist’ is the key and can be hit and miss. An online search will assist or if you belong to a gym, ask around. Do make sure though they are a specialist and somewhere that only does Waxing. I was fortunate to find a good one on my second attempt, so I have gone back because I actually do like the extra feeling you have of cleanliness.

According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, if you are willing to put in a high amount of maintenance, that’s not a bad thing. Getting rid of everything is just practical. Why spend time trying to maintain hair when you can just get rid of all of it?

Finally, since this article is aimed at men, it is no secret that men are concerned with size.

The two most powerful reasons for considering manscaping are these:

• Consider you have your own private garden with an oak tree. The oak tree looks much bigger when it’s not surrounded by shrubbery.
• It’s more than likely going to make the one you love happy and surely that’s more than good reason.

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