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Spring Trends – Which Ones to Invest In & How To Wear Them

by Jacynth Bassett

Who else is suffering from winter wardrobe fatigue? I know I am. And if you’ve recently completed a wardrobe detox too, it may now be looking rather empty and sad.

Well fortunately the new season has arrived and, as always, it has brought along a handful of new trends to have fun with. However, with our being increasingly aware of the harmful damage caused by fast disposable fashion, you may be feeling extra cautious about replenishing your wardrobe. More of us are adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time, rather than pieces that will instantly date. So you may be hesitant to invest in a new trend.

There’s also the quadrium over which trends work for all ages, and which ones are strictly for younger women. Personally, I don’t think your age should dictate whether you should or shouldn’t try a trend. But there are certainly trends that fail to consider 40+ women’s lifestyles and body changes and should be approached with caution.

But, despite all of this, you shouldn’t feel you have to automatically reject the new season trends all together. Whilst I don’t personally advocate being a slave to trends, I do encourage incorporating subtle nods to trends into your look to keep it fresh – especially as you get older. It’s all too easy to get stuck in a style rut, and trends can help prevent that.

Fortunately, there still are ways you can be a conscious shopper whilst enjoying Spring’s hottest trends. So, I’ve broken them down, and shared ways you can ‘buy into’ them without the worry of post-season regret:


No longer is the colour synonymous with drab and boring; it’s now chic, sophisticated and cool. That said, traditionally hasn’t been the easiest colour to wear unless you have golden skin. Good news is there are now tones of shades to suit every skin tone – from “contemporary oatmeal” to “stony ground”.
A trench coat is an obvious entry point for beige but wearing beige in a different way is more current. Consider a caramel blazer or a vanilla knit. Or even just a beautiful coffee bag.
You’ll see a lot of people wearing beige from top to toe, but if that isn’t your thing, use it to tone down brights, or mix it up with your favourite animal print.
Beige isn’t going anywhere (it was seen all over the catwalks for AW19) and, whilst it hasn’t been embraced so widely before, it has and always will be considered timeless and luxurious within the Fashion circle. So, you can invest knowing it will never truly go out of style.


As a hat aficionado, this is one trend I’m thrilled about. I’ve been hoping for hats to make a comeback for years!
I don’t know many ladies who don’t like hats in theory, the problem is they don’t consider themselves as hat people. When I co-hosted a pop up in Brighton with a bespoke milliner, lots of women came in and had fun trying on different designs. But, before doing so, 9/10 first claimed “I love hats, but I can’t wear them”.
As the milliner explained, actually anyone can wear hats. It’s simply about understanding the proportions of your face. So, if you’re unsure, speak to a milliner or hat shop who will be able to offer expert guidance.
Hat designs themselves don’t date, so once you’ve found the perfect hat, it can be worn for years to come; you’ll just need to work your future outfits around it. And remember you don’t need to reserve it just for a special occasion. If you feel like wearing it – do! That’s an occasion in itself.

Clashing Prints

Prints can be intimidating enough, let alone knowing how to pair them together. The ability to clash prints ‘correctly’ can seem like a masterful art few of capable of but, in truth, you almost can’t get it wrong. All you have to do is carry yourself with confidence, so your outfit looks intentional, rather than a mistake.
So rather than worrying about what print to wear, simply opt for ones you like. Today you can put them together, whilst in the future you can wear them separately.
And if you’re still unsure how to clash, let the designer do the work by trying a piece that already features a mixed pattern. Or clash prints with the same tone.

Boiler suit

Boiler suit

Bold Tailoring

All hail the return of the trouser suit! But this time, in colour. It conveys strength, power and attitude. That said, a bright suit from top to toe can be a little overwhelming, so remember you can wear the pieces as separates too.
Alternatively, you can reference the trend through one or two choice tailored garments. Fortunately tailoring never goes out of style, and I always recommend investing in a fabulous jacket, especially as you get older, as its structure adds shape and flatters. And by choosing one in a striking colour or with a bold print, you can keep the rest of your outfit very simple whilst still making an impact.

The Boiler Suit

Nothing says ‘effortless style’ like a boiler suit. Forget electricians or mechanics. Forget the 80s. The boiler suit is the epitome of androgynous chic and a perfect embodiment of female empowerment.
It’s versatile, easy-to-wear, and suits most body shapes thanks to its relaxed style. And whilst it may seem like a garment of the ‘now’, it will stand the test of time given it’s a great foundation piece. It can easily be adapted and updated through accessories, such as a funky belt or fancy heels.

Jacynth Bassett is the founder of - the first pro-age online independent fashion boutique – and the movement Ageism Is Never In Style.

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