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‘Using fitness to alleviate Stress'

In essence the message is to get moving!!

Instead of reaching for painkillers, booze or food, “take a dose" of exercise to alleviate stress

Exercise and keeping fit is a great stress buster! Exercise releases endorphins which help relax and relieve tension in the body. When your body feels better your mind will too.

Rhythmic, repetitive movements such as rowing, running, walking, swimming and cycling promote relaxation.
Practises such as Thai Chi and Yoga help focus on physical posture, breathing control, body awareness and meditation; thereby enhancing general good feeling.
Shorter bursts of explosive high energy intense physical activity such as squash, tennis, boxing and circuit training get the blood pumping, making you feel more energised and stimulated.

Play an active sport by yaron-richman

Play an active sport by yaron-richman

Whatever exercise you choose whether it be thrashing a ball on a squash court, walking, running or yoga keep it simple – use exercise as a release; push the disruptive thoughts out of your mind and enjoy the chance to expand your awareness of your body, your breathing and your movement. Focusing your attention on yourself.
It’s amazing what you will notice around you and about yourself if you give yourself the chance to shut off from the daily stresses and get lost in some exercise.

Often when we feel stressed, the last thing we want to do is anything physical but if we view exercise as medicine; we will change our mindset and exercise will quickly become our go to tool, to elevate the symptoms of stress.

The physical and mental health benefits of exercise are often overlooked as exercise requires effort! That’s even more reason to feel positive after an exercise session and to reward yourself with the feel good factor.

It’s a win, win – what’s not to like?

If Doctors could prescribe exercise in a pill, everyone would be taking it!!!

Thanks to Louise Whelan and Kieron Vorster of Fit8 studios, revolutionising the industry's approach to #physiotherapy, #injuryrehabilitation, #personalfunctionaltraining.

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